NanoAqualip™ Technology

Nanoaqualip™ Technology is a proprietary Lipid based Nanotechnology in which the therapeutic drugs are formulated in an aqueous medium without the use of any toxic solvents during the manufacturing process yielding a homogenous nanoparticle size products.

The company goal is to improve therapeutic performance of established drugs using Nanoaqualip™ technology thus enabling the product life extension options and branding opportunities. In most cases, unlike a new drug application (NDA), the Company product line requires only limited clinical assessment resulting in cost effective and expedited drug development and regulatory approvals.

Transdermal Drug Delivery

Delivering medicine through the skin is a desirable alternative pathway. Topically applied products, are intended to offer an effective method for quick and safe delivery of a wide variety of drugs. Drug applied topically are potentially safer than orally administered drugs which avoids gastro-intestinal problems, first pass liver effect and interactions with other oral drugs. More importantly, transdermal delivery can target specific areas directly with small doses of a drug avoiding the need to deliver massive oral doses, which may create additional side effects.

The company’s nanoscale lipid emulsion system (NLES) present a great hope to provide a significant technological superiority, and may allow drugs to be efficiently delivered through skin.

Oral Delivery

The company is also developing new drug molecules. At present the lead product Endoxifen is formulated using proprietary methods. It is a new therapeutic agent for breast cancer and is the key active metabolite of Tamoxifen, a widely used breast cancer drug. The Company’s lead clinical candidate, Endoxifen has completed Phase I clinical trials. Additional trials are planned.


The company have secured intellectual property for its technology and products.