Endoxifen – A novel Bipolar Acute Mania management Molecule

  • Endoxifen is a direct PKC inhibitor, target for acute mania the existing treatment options including lithium and valproate indirectly inhibit PKC
  • Endoxifen has shown better safety profile as compared to divalproex sodium in terms of having lesser adverse events of like nausea, generalized abdominal pain, dyslipidemia and insomnia
  • Endoxifen shows similar efficacy at much lower dose (8 mg) and offers unique advantage of hitting a pharmacological target in a more potent manner
  • The tablet size of Endoxifen is small (8 mg) and hence offers more convenience for its daily regular intake for patients
  • Unlike lithium and valproate there is no need of therapeutic drug monitoring or dose  titration
  • Potential drug drug interaction are less compared to other treatments