About Us

Jina Pharmaceuticals is engaged in research, development and commercialization of novel therapeutic products for the treatment of cancer, infectious diseases, and acute medical emergencies. The company has developed a clinically validated proprietary Nanoaqualip™ technology to formulate drug products. The newly formulated drugs are less toxic with improved bioavailability and better therapeutics. Based on Nanoaqualip™ technology the company is enhancing broader applications of generic drugs, in-licensed drugs and drugs of which the patent rights are near expiration through the development of improved delivery system.

The company is also focused on discovery and development of new drugs targeting cancer and neurodegenerative diseases such as bipolar disorder.

Jina Pharmaceuticals has a team of management with decades of experience in successful drug development leading to commercialization. The scientific team has industry experiences in a wide- range of drug delivery systems, medicinal chemistry, biology, pharmacokinetics / bioanalytical, and lipid chemistry. The leaders of scientific team have been internationally recognized for their significant scientific contributions.

The company’s proprietary Nanoaqualip™ drug delivery technology and new molecule drugs generate more commercial opportunities than we can pursue independently. Strategic partnering is therefore a critical component of our ability to advance company’s therapeutic products into clinical development leading to successful launch in the market. Our objective is to selectively partner at strategic stages of the development process while retaining selected therapeutic programs to develop independently. We want to integrate our proprietary technology platform into the best fit companies to achieve rapid development of drugs for the benefit of patient population. Read more